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I wrote fic...how odd

For the first time in...well I don't want to look how long, I've written some fic. This time, it's for the new Sherlock Holmes film. This is probably pretty cracky and silly, but the plot bunny just popped up...

Title: A Quiet Dinner with Sherlock Holmes is Never Quiet
Rating: G
Notes: Blame kattius for me writing this. She urged it over Twitter.

Dinner and a Dance or TwoCollapse )

New fic

After watching 'Lifeline', the plot bunny took hold and wouldn't let go. It's a nice distraction from organsising notes. Now, to get back to work on that Alt!Atlantis fic.

Title: Goodbye Pisces
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG13
Parirings: Gen, but can be taken as Sheppard/Weir friendship/ship if you so wish.
Spoilers: Adrift and Lifeline
Summary: I cried and I washed my tears that turned into diamond, into ice and if it could freeze my heart wouldn't float away
Notes: Title and summary from the Tori Amos song 'Goodbye Pisces'. When I researched Pisces on Wikipedia, it said the sign was linked to human emotions, which seemed strangely appropriate for the fic.

Here I go again, Breaking, Breaking porcelainCollapse )

OMG! It's fic!

It's taken months for my muse to stop. Having. A. Hissy. Fit. But we've gotten there in the end. A weekend away in London earned me SG1 S8 and I started watching last night, with New Order Part 1 and 2. This plot bunny was the result, written very late last night so it's probably totally useless.

Title: Bending and Breaking
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG13/R
Spoilers: Progeny, First Strike
Summary: A lifetime of horrors played back in an instant, and all for revenge.
Notes: Set sometime during Season 4, possibly very late in the season.

Onto the ficCollapse )


Post Utopia fic

By next week this is going to totally AU. Which isn't bad considering I think I've written total crack!fic with it anyway.

So a warning:


Title: The Heart Betrayed
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DW
Pairing: References Martha/Doctor unrequited love etc. What could possibly be viewed as Martha/Master...though not so much.
Summary: Alone and afraid, Martha finds herself trapped in a nightmare.
Notes: With no idea what is going to be happening over the next few weeks, this will probably be very wrong by Saturday.

Onto the angstCollapse )

Also, if you do know what's gonna happen, don't spoil me. I'm amazed at me ability to stay spoiler free for DW unlike everything else I watch.

Doctor Who fic!

Who needs to revise for exams when you've got plot bunnies?

Title: Support
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sort of vague Martha/10
Summary: Everyone has bad days at work. Especially trainee doctor's trapped in the past.
Spoilers: Blink, tiny one from Family of Blood. Basically, one line.

Onto the ficCollapse )

New fic...finally

I decided to do that whole 'Pick one of my icons and I'll write a fic meme' and I managed to get one done. My muse has also decided to give me other fic, which includes fluffy fic with a small child (needs some more tweaking) and a fairly short vampire fic (needs...well writing).

Title: Totally Married
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG
Summary: Atlantis isn’t really a place for children, especially children who can wind up Elizabeth and John so well.
Pairing: Gen with some S/W UST, if you want to see it/squint.
Notes: Written for vickysg1 who wanted me to write a fic for the Sparky icon I am using right now.

This is like, totally a cutCollapse )

PS. Still got four more icon fics up for grabs. See post below if you want to challenge me!

My muse? She's one evil little minx

See, I tried to drag it back with a challenge a while back and it didn't really work. It wrote one fic, and then said 'Erm...STFU!' This time, I really do want to write something, but my muse needs a kickstart. Check me out, I'm all determined and everything! So, I'm gonna so that meme that was floating around LJ for a while.

1. Pick any five icons(properly crediting them of course).
2. For each icon, write a short drabble(essentially no longer than a page).

Okay, one icon per person. First five to give me an icon get a fic. Thank you.

All my userpics are located HERE.


I wrote Doctor Who fic

Look, it's a different fandom!! At last!!

Title: Unconventional
Author: rhin_ariel
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Martha/Ten
Summary: The Doctor has clearly forgotten to read part of the Time Lord code of conduct
Spoilers: The Lazarus Experiment
Notes: Set during the ep, Martha's thoughts during *that* bit. I blame the discussion on smith_n_jones from last night for most of it.

To the first non-Stargate related fic!Collapse )


I wish to entirely blame *certain* people on my LJ for this coming into existence. And there are even more to blame for making this post public.

Yes, I finally caved and wrote smut...

Title: Risk Assessment
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir
Summary: There are a number of factors to consider when you decide to have sex in the middle of a working day.
Notes: There is so little plot here it's worrying.

To the smutCollapse )


Bored and in a random mood

My muse is having a bit of a fit at the moment. It's lurching between the song lyric challenge, an update for The Red Den and numerous other AUs in my head. In order to just prove I'm not dead or anything, I bring a bit of a random fic.

Title: Only In The Movies
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sparky UST. If you squint.
Summary: In the movies it always happens the same. Real life is a little different.
Notes: I told you. My muse is pasted on yay at the moment.

Randomness beyond.Collapse )