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OMG! It's fic!

It's taken months for my muse to stop. Having. A. Hissy. Fit. But we've gotten there in the end. A weekend away in London earned me SG1 S8 and I started watching last night, with New Order Part 1 and 2. This plot bunny was the result, written very late last night so it's probably totally useless.

Title: Bending and Breaking
Author: rhin_ariel
Rating: PG13/R
Spoilers: Progeny, First Strike
Summary: A lifetime of horrors played back in an instant, and all for revenge.
Notes: Set sometime during Season 4, possibly very late in the season.

Bending and Breaking

It was like any other room in Atlantis. The floor was the deep shade of brown she had grown so used to. The walls were the same grey that the Ancients seemed to favour so much. Even the glow of the lights on the door panel has that same blue tinge that reassured in the night when she awoke.

But Elizabeth Weir knew she wasn’t on Atlantis.

Pushing herself up to her feet, she tried to take stock of the situation. However, her memories seemed so blurred she could barely remember a thing. There had been shouting, a hand grabbing hers as she ran. A strange sensation had come over her and then there had been nothing. They must have hit her with some kind of stunner.

As she looked more at the room, and cold shiver went down her spine. It was exactly the same as Atlantis, right down to the design on the ceiling. Deep down, she already knew who had captured her and fear gripped her heart.

“Hello,” she called out softly in the dimly lit room. “Can anyone hear me?” Some vain hope that she wasn’t alone had made her speak, but when all she was met with silence she began to realise there was no one there. Her radio was long gone, for all she knew she could have been the only one captured, or the whole team could be there somewhere.

“I can hear you perfectly well Doctor Weir.”

The sudden voice startled Elizabeth, making her jump before she spun round to face her captor.

“Oberoth.” The shock on her face was clear to see as her eyes met the Asuran’s. Even after the destruction of the Asuran city and the failed attempt to destroy Atlantis, they did not seem to be giving up on hunting down Atlantis and its inhabitants. “Why am I here?”

“I would think that would be obvious Doctor,” he said with a cold smile. “You destroyed our home, with the intention of killing all of us in the process. You then tried it again. But you have never succeeded, and then you manage to escape us again when we try to do the same to you. This time, you will not escape.”

With that, two more Asurans materialised through the door behind Oberoth and advanced at Elizabeth. Slowly, she began to walk backwards, searching desperately for a way to escape.

“You have to understand Oberoth; we were merely trying to protect ourselves. We are not the same people who created you and treated you so badly. Please, you have to listen to me.” Her eyes darted between Oberoth’s unfeeling gaze and the cold stare of the other Asurans. “I didn’t order that second strike on you home, I didn’t want to do that. You have to understand.”

“It is too late to apologise now Doctor. You have murdered thousands of Asurans, and for that you must be punished.”

The two men lunged forwards and grabbed Elizabeth by the arms. Their grip was tight as they forced her to stop in front of Oberoth. Instinct suddenly seemed to kick in, causing her to pull against the guards and thrash around wildly. It only caused their grip to tighten, closely followed by a swift kick to the back of her knees to make her legs buckle. She cried out a little as pain shot through her already painful knee.

“You feel pain already? That is nothing compared to what you will feel when I have finished,” Oberoth said as he came to a halt right in front of Elizabeth. Reaching up, his hand moved slowly towards her head. She tried to pull her head away, but it was no use. She was completely trapped.


Pain. Suffering. Hate. Tears. Screaming.

War had always been a terrible place.

Orphaned children begging on a street corner. Widowed women rocking as they cried for their husbands.

The truck bounced down the road passing it all. She always hated visiting war zones.

Blood. Screams. Bandages. Infection.

The doctor tried to talk to her. Suddenly a man ran in with a child cradled in his arms. Blood poured from the stump of his hand. No sound came from the pale faced boy.

Urine. Vomit. Dirt. Dried blood.

She retched again into the toilet. Her stomach was empty now. The boy pronounced dead. War took everything.


The vision ended as abruptly as it has started, Elizabeth crying out in pain. So many years of horror had flashed past her eyes, but Oberoth had made sure to focus on the worst parts. That poor boy. She’d had nightmares for weeks afterwards.

“I find it difficult to believe that you could see that suffering, and yet still wish to inflict it on others.”

“Please,” she said quietly. “It wasn’t like that.”

“Lies,” he said calmly, his hand already pressing to her burning forehead.


Sand. Dust. Sun. Heat.

The bodyguard smiled as he pushed his sunglasses higher. The driver laughed at some joke on the crackling radio.

Gunfire. Burning. Screams. Blackness.

The pain in her head was unimaginable. Her wrists bled as the ropes cut through her skin. The gag made her choke as she lay still.

Laughing. Shouting. Lights. Pain.

She screamed as the pain in her knee grew worse. The men just laughed. They just had to wait for the ransom.

Shots. Noise. Voices. Tears.

It was four days before she woke up. Months of physiotherapy. Years of therapy. The pain never went away.


“Oh god. Please stop. Please,” she begged, tears rolling down her face. She had tried so hard to forget. To put a brave face on it all. Here it was again, played back in excruciating detail.

“You have not even begun to suffer Doctor. We have barely scratched the surface of every little ounce of pain you have felt.”

Reaching forwards, he pulled her head up. Their eyes met and she held his gaze resolutely. His eyes were still cold, but his smile had become a twisted grin. He was enjoying seeing every emotion cross her face, the tears that fell down her face. This was going to be drawn out for as long as he could.


Cold. Strange. Alone. Lost.

It wasn’t home. It couldn’t be home. But there was no way back now. They were trapped in another galaxy.

Numb. Shock. Horror. Fear.

The life had just been sucked away. Young soldiers with everything to live for. Nothing more than corpses. A family to be told.

Wet. Scared. Trapped. Devastated.

The gun had been pointed at her. He’d saved her. He’d risked his life for the city. They’d nearly died so many times. Late nights waiting for news of them. Tears for the missing.

Red. Shattering. Yelling. Nothing.

She didn’t have to stand there. She could have stayed in the control centre. The pain had taken weeks to get rid of. It was still there now. A dull ache to remind her.


“It seems we have already played a small part in making you suffer Doctor.”

Oberoth took a step back and looked at his prisoner. Tears rolled down her pale face as she sagged between the guards’ arms. She flinched as pain shot through her knee and her head. This time she did not even beg him to stop. She had not given up yet though; he knew he was not even close to breaking her.

Elizabeth wished she could stop the tears, but no part of her body seemed to be obeying her. She couldn’t straighten her legs in order to stand. There was nothing to support her but the two strong arms. But she was not fall. She would not bow. The tears would fall, but they meant nothing.

“Let us see what else lurks in that mind of yours Doctor,” said Oberoth as he moved closer to her.

This time Elizabeth kept her eyes on his. She did not flinch when his hand forced its way into her memories.

Then she began to scream.



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Sep. 4th, 2007 12:10 pm (UTC)
Very powerful fic. I loved this.

Poor Lizzie *huggles*
Sep. 5th, 2007 12:56 pm (UTC)
Wow! Ouch! Wow!

This is good!
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